Phoenix Clean Room

A New way of Thinking, A New Way of Working


Welcome to Phoenix Clean Room Laundry – the region’s first state-of-the-art, clean room laundry and a revolutionary concept for the laundering of garments and workwear for food, medical and pharmaceutical industries in India. Visit to learn more.

Currently the Mumbai market lacks a dedicated local clean room offer. Phoenix will be the first certified clean room laundry to operate in the region with a focus on changing local practise to best practice. By combining some of the best people in thebusiness with the latest technlogy and systems, you can rely on Phoenix CRL to provide outstanding levels of quality and unrivalled professional customer service from a internatio nally accredited facility to offer customers incredible value and the best clean room laundry service ever seen in the region. Powered by experienced international laundry consultants, NewGen, the team at Phoenix have the quality, skills and knowledge to provide a best-in-class clean room laundry service to the marketplace. Working together we are creating a new generation of world class laundry facilities.


Phoenix clean room laundry staff will be some the most accomplished operators in the industry, adhering to stringent standards to ensure best practice is upheld at all times. We will lead the way in which laundry is processed in the region. This will be done by certifying our facilities to international standards including ISO9001, BS EN 14065 – which is unheralded in the local region. All our staff and laundry operators undergo qualified food hygiene training and adhere to stringent hygiene regimes