• A passion for Winning & Caring for Everything we do and Everyone we interact with.
  • Our Culture is at the Heart of our Success
  • Hiring talented people and give them opportunities to grow
  • Exceptional Products and Services
  • Making people feel great about themselves and truly cared for


Established in 1996, Rising Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., has developed and expanded its operations to encompass a wide range of activities under the laundry services, consulting and FMCG sectors. Its Laundry Services division owns and operates the Phoenix Laundry brand. This includes industrial laundry, premium dry-cleaning, consulting and trading in laundry equipment and consumables.

The Technology Division of the Company represents the leading AI-powered Cognitive Therapy Platform from Canada designed to boost reading skills, ReadON

The Consulting Services of the Company provide Leadership Coaching, Management and Financial advisory services.

Rising Enterprises, is the first Indian Private Limited Company to be operating on the EOS management system which is a unique arrangement and pursuit of certain critical elements inside any business. Rising Enterprises is pioneering this revolutionary management system adapted from EOS, called, the Rising Way!! Now, we are training leaders on this management system which ensures comprehensive organizational wellness.


Our Philosophy is Personal Growth, day in and day out - Rising Everyday!! No matter what we do, there must be a steady marginal development everyday in every aspect of Life.
With a management Philosophy we like to call the Rising Way, our Business begins with our Core Values and Work Ethic. Everything else follows suit.






Winning and Caring for everything and everyone


Mr. Zulfikar Dhanse has over 15 years of management, credit, consulting, legal documentation and operations experience in the Banking and Finance Industry in Bahrain. He holds a Masters with double Majors in Finance and International Business, from one of the oldest University in Australia. He has advised SMEs in the Middle East on strategy, fund-raising and debt restructuring. An ex-Banker now turned Entrepreneur, he lives with his family in Bahrain.

With a passion for entrepreneurship and service to mankind, his team is behind several unique projects like the Phoenix Laundry which is a global chain or premium dry-cleaners serving retail customers as well as corporates like L&T, LODHA, RELIANCE. With interest ranging from physics to blockchain, Zulfikar Dhanse is also an Angel Investor working on projects in domains of blockchain, agro-farming, hemp, Islamic Finance, Music and the arts.

Rising Enterprises is driven by Values, just as in Business, Just as in Life.

Zulfikar is passionate about life, service to others, books and music and the arts. He is currently part of the Leadership Team that heads the Business and is grateful that he gets to work with a super talented people across various domains from laundry to AI and block-chain who are shaping the future of things to come.