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The Advanced Laundry Systems division of the Company manages the premium laundry service, Phoenix Laundry and the State-of the Art “Phoenix CleanRoom” which represents a seismic leap in laundry hygiene in the pharma, medical and food sectors.


Powered by NEW GEN, an Industry Titan which operates world class laundry facilities around the globe, we bring the best in class premium laundry services to India. Our passion for premium garment care is reflected in the dedication to our craft that we put in each single day.

Since its inception, the brand has been a leader in the industry, boasting super dry-cleaning technology with unparlelled customer service. As is the standard with all of our company's professional projects, Phoenix Laundry is equipped with the most advanced tools and technology to ensure a final result that delivers the quality we promise.

The Phoenix Laundry has sate of the art cleaning plants all over India where the Quality of care that Phoenix Laundry boasts of can be visibly seen. Customers can visit any of the Units and see their valued garments undergo a complete and comprehensive fabric care process.

Using state of the art processes from NEW GEN and the latest Hydrocarbon Equipment we ensure valued garments and exclusive designer wear undergo the BEST care.

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Meet our Team

Mr. Saif Dandane

Sr. PAD Team Coordinator

Phoenix Laundry

Mr. Saif Dandane is the Sr. PAD Team Coordinator at Phoenix Laundry. A valued member of the Core Team, he is responsible for ensuring seamless operations in the Pick-Up/Delivery Services of Phoenix Laundry giving our customers the best service.

He holds a Masters in Packing and is constantly striving to improve technologies and services at Phoenix Laundry.

Mr. Harish

Operations Manager

Phoenix Laundry

Mr. Harish is the Operations Manager at Phoenix Laundry. Mr. Harish has spent over 25 years perfecting his skill as the Laundry Manager for several leading Hotel Chains within and outside India.

A highly accomplished Manager, Mr. Harish brings with him the skill and dedication to the Job ensuring our valued Customers get the premium service and care they deserve.


Mr. Dharma


Phoenix Laundry

Mr. Dharma is the Integrator at Phoenix Laundry in charge of the overall operations of the Group. Based out of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, he oversees the Laundry Services of the Group across India. A Textile technologist and specialist in laundry operations, Mr. Dharma has over 20 years of experience under his belt both within and outside India.

A highly regarded professional of the industry, he is an Engineer and holds several global certifications in Drycleaning. Before joining our Team, he had worked for several prominent 5-star Hotel Chains and Private laundries leading their laundry operations across the world.

Ms. Sayali Gawade

Head, Finance Team

Phoenix Laundry

Sayali heads the Finance Team at Rising Enterprises. All her life, her passion has to help businesses maximize cash flow and long-term growth through effective accounting and record keeping.

At Rising she focuses on supporting their team while upholding the values of Our Company.



Manager, Technology & Marketing

Phoenix Laundry

XXXXXXXXis the Manager, Technology & Marketing and Sales at Phoenix Laundry. He oversees the entire Marketing and Branding activities of the Company.

A young and dynamic and a block chain enthusiast, his skills and certifications are from fields as diverse as digital marketing to Six SIGMA. At his prior roles, he led the digital marketing teams for leading multinationals such as _____________

I work in a school of caring. But that's just the beginning. I also see my role as being an adviser who helps our company understand how taxes, revenues, and expenses can be managed for business success.