Global network of Industry Experts

The consulting arm of Rising Enterprises provides services in Training, Real Estate Consulting, Management Consulting and Financial Advisory.


At Rising Enterprises, we work with a network of highly experienced people who not only share their industry expertise but are driven by an insatiable need to solving problems and helping people succeed. We greatly appreciate and value our growing network of support, without which we would never be able to help our valued Customers.

We provide exclusive coaching sessions to senior Executives advising them on topics ranging from Leadership skills to Conflict Resolution and Change Management.

Reach out to Zulfikar Dhanse to find out how we can help your people grow into better leaders.

The Management and Financial consulting department serves SMEs and Businesses with single owners. We work closely with our valued clients to deliver ingenious solutions to their various challenges.

Our experienced financial advisors have a strong and dependable reputation in the industry and are constantly reevaluating their current strategies and researching new, relevant information to offer you the most up-to-date and informative advice out there.

From raising funds to debt restructuring, from leasing to private equity, we can help you realize your dreams.

For enquiries and assistance on Mgmt. Consulting and Financial Advisory services, please contact We can get back to you quicker if you write “Consulting” in the subject line.

Clients who take advantage of our real estate services can benefit from comprehensive information and guidance supplied by our team of industry experts located in leading Indian states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Whether you're interested in sales, leasing, or management, a trained and experienced professional can offer advice and connect you with resources that help you achieve your goals.

We serve clients in retail, commercial, and industrial markets in both urban and suburban settings. Please get in touch with any queries you may have on and leave the subject line as Real Estate Enquiry.

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
- Donald A. Adams