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Established in 1996, Rising Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., has developed and expanded its operations to encompass a wide range of activities under the laundry services, consulting and FMCG sectors. Its Laundry Services division owns and operates the Phoenix Laundry brand. This includes industrial laundry, premium dry-cleaning, consulting and trading in laundry equipment and consumables. The Consulting Division of the Company provides Leadership Coaching, Management and Financial Consulting.

Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy is Personal Growth, day in and day out…Rising Everyday!! No matter what we do, there must be a steady marginal development everyday in every aspect of Life.

With a management Philosophy known as the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), our Business begins with our Core Values. Everything else follows suit.










Advanced Laundry Systems


The Advanced Laundry Systems division of the Company manages the premium laundry service, Phoenix Laundry and the State-of the Art Phoenix Clean Room which represents a seismic leap in laundry hygiene in the pharma, medical and food sectors.

Powered by NEW-GEN, an Industry Titan which operates world class laundry facilities around the globe, we bring the best in class premium laundry services to India. Our passion for premium garment care is reflected in the dedication to our craft that we put in each single day.

Meet the Team

Mr.Zulfikar Dhanse

Core Team Member at Rising Enterprises

Mr. Dhanse has over 15 years of management, credit, consulting, legal documentation and operations experience in the Banking and Finance Industry in Bahrain. He holds a Masters with double Majors in Finance and International Business, from the prestigious University of Ballarat, which is one of the oldest and most respected Universities in Australia. He has also served as a freelance consultant advising SMEs in the Middle East from diverse topics ranging from business strategy to fund raising, from leasing operations to debt restructuring.
He can be reached on
Satish Yadav

Laundry Division, General Manager

Mr. Yadav is the General Manager, Phoenix Laundry in charge of the overall operations of the Group. Based out of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, he oversees the Laundry Services of the Group across India.
A veteran of the Laundry Industry, Mr. Yadav has over 35 years of experience under his belt both within and outside India.
A highly regarded professional of the industry, he is a Chemical Engineer and hold several global certifications in Drycleaning. Before joining our Team, he had worked for several prominent 5-star Hotel Chains and Private laundries leading their laundry operations across an average of 100 outlets across the world. He can be reached on for any further information in regards to the Laundry Division of Rising Enterprises.
Vishal Pardhe

Laundry Manager, Phoenix Laundry

Mr. Vishal Pardhe is the Operations Manager at Phoenix Laundry. Mr. Pardhe has spent over 25 years perfecting his skill as the Laundry Manger for several leading Hotel Chains within and outside India.
A highly accomplished Manager, Mr. Pardhe brings with him the skill and dedication to the Job ensuring our valued Customers get the premium service and care they deserve.
He can be reached on for queries on our laundry practices and any other questions with regards to the care of your valued garments.
Varun Karnik

Marketing and Sales

Mr. Varun Karnik is the Manager, Marketing and Sales at Phoenix Laundry. He oversees the entire Marketing and Branding activities of the Company.
A young and dynamic and a self-proclaimed social media evangelist, his skills and certifications are from fields as diverse as digital marketing to English Literature where he holds a Masters.
At his prior roles, he led the digital marketing teams for leading multinationals such as Accenture, eclerx and Mirum where he has helped adopt break-through ideas like Ethnography and Predictive Analysis.
With passions that include reading, acting and social volunteering, he is also ardent about practicing and adopting ancient Vedic management teachings in this modern era.
He can be reached on for any queries related to Marketing and Branding.
Mr. Prithwiraj Debnath

Business Development Manager
Phoenix Laundry

Mr. Prithwiraj Debnath is the Business Development Manager at Rising Enterprises. With over 15 years of customer service experience across various companies in sectors as diverse as banks to hospitality, he brings world class Customer Care and Service to the Phoenix Laundry.
A dedicated resource in the Phoenix Laundry, he is trusted by hundreds of our Customers to provide timely suggestions and advise to their queries and concerns. He can be reached on for any queries on Business Development.
Mr. Saif Dandane

Team Coordinator , Phoenix Laundry

Mr. Saif Dandane is the Sr. PAD Team Coordinator at Phoenix Laundry. A valued member of the Core Team, he is responsible for ensuring seamless operations in the Pick-Up/Delivery Services of Phoenix Laundry giving our customers the best service. He holds a Masters in Packing and is constantly striving to improve technologies and services at Phoenix Laundry.
He can be reached on for any queries.